Women Are Still Making Less than Men

Politicians say they are all for equalizing pay between men and women. They have been somewhat successful at getting this accomplished, but not completely. The amount that women make for the same job that a man does is still not equal but it is getting closer and closer to being equal pay.

There is a new report out that says that the percentage that a women’s income has increased since 1979 is just over thirty three percent. This report also says that on average a man’s income has risen just under twenty percent since 1979. This is just over a thirteen percent difference between how much a woman’s average salary and a man’s average salary. Even with the increase in a woman’s income is larger than the increase for a man’s income, they are still not equal. Why is it taking so long to get salaries to be equal?

While salaries are not equal yet, it is getting close and it seems as if with every generation we are getting closer and closer to having equal pay. If you look at the current percentage for each age group for how much a woman makes compared to a man, you will see there is hope for the women of the future.

Looking at the oldest age group which is the age group sixty five and older, you will see this is almost the worst group to be in. They make just under seventy six percent of what a man makes for the same job. Most of these people are either already retired or getting ready to retire. They do not worry as much about a working income as a retirement income.
The worst age group to be in is the next age group down. Those who are ages fifty five to sixty four years old make just over seventy five percent of what men make for the same job. While this difference is about half a percent different from the age group above it, it is still the worst age group to be in.

On the other end of the spectrum the age group that is the best to be in is the age group of twenty to twenty four years old. The women in this group make almost ninety four percent of what men make for the same job. These women have the best chance for equal pay currently.

There is a good chance that the women in the next generation have a very good chance at getting equal pay. Many people wonder why it is taking so long to for equal pay, but no one knows for sure. There could be a day within the next few decades where all women get equal pay, not just the youngest age group. For now we have to be okay with getting closer, but not quite being there.

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