What to do If Your Identity has Been Stolen

Having your identity stolen can be very scary and extremely stressful.  There are some things that you should do if your identity has been stolen.  These things can help you get your life back sooner rather than later.
The very first thing that you should do if your identity is stolen is find out what information was taken.  Depending on where the thief got your information, they may have only had access to certain pieces of information.   Many breaches in personal information security have shown that most do not involve social security numbers.
If your social security number was stolen it could be some time before theft monitoring services detect a problem.  These companies do not know about your social security number being stolen until the thief tries to get credit in your name.  If you do suspect that your social security number has been stolen you can freeze your credit until it has all been worked out, that way no one can get credit in your name.  That does include you too, so once everything has been sorted out, if you want to apply for credit with a new lender you will have to make sure your credit has been thawed first.
Monitor your credit with companies that specialize in credit monitoring, and also do it yourself.  Every year request a free credit report from all companies that offer free credit reports.  That way you can check it over for errors or anything that could show there has been fraud.  This could make the process of finding out that your identity has been stolen faster, which means getting your life back faster as well.
Not only should you be looking for credit theft, but you should also monitor your medical, employment, tax, and criminal ID are monitored as well.  These can often be more difficult to figure out than credit theft.  Work with all the companies that you can to keep your information from being stolen and used.
Identity theft is an incredibly scary thing.  If it happens to you, you may feel like your life was taken away from you.  It may seem like a lot of work to monitor everything to make sure your identity does not get stolen, but not having your identity stolen because of your efforts makes it very much worth it.  If your identity does get stolen it can take a very long time to get everything worked out.  It could even take years before you feel like you have your life back and are able to do the things you could not do because of your identity theft.  It is more than worth it to work to prevent the identity theft in the first place.  There are many companies that are valuable resources to help keep your identity yours, not someone else’s.

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