Understand Reverse Mortgages

You probably have seen the commercials on T.V. Reverse mortgages seem be to getting a lot popular these days. Have you thought about getting one? Do understand them? This will help you to understand reverse mortgages so that you can get the one that is right for you.

What is a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a loan that you take out on your house that does not get repaid for as long as you live in the house. With a reverse mortgage you can get the cash out of your home without having to sell your home or pay a monthly mortgage payment.

You have options on how you get the cash that you will get from your reverse mortgage. The first is that you can get a single lump of cash. You can also get a “creditline” account, these accounts let you decide when and how much cash you have access to, or you can even get a combination of these payment methods.

There are some restrictions for this loan however. For example you must be sixty two years old to qualify for one of these loans. Most reverse mortgages need to be what is called a first mortgage. What this means is that it must be the primary debt against the house. If you owe money on your property then you should either get it paid off before you get a reverse mortgage or pay off the debt with the money you get from the reverse mortgage.

With a reverse mortgage you are still the owner of the home. This means that you are still responsible for paying any and all taxes on the land or home. You also must pay your own homeowner’s insurance, and make any and all property repairs.

You can get different loan amounts; this usually will depend on which reverse mortgage you choose. The kind of cash advances that you choose will also have a factor in how much you can get for the loan. Some reverse mortgages cost more than others which means you will get less per cash advance. Your age and your home’s value are the last things that affect the amount that you can get for your reverse mortgage.

Once you close on a reverse mortgage you will be given an extra three days to contemplate your decision. If, within these three days you decide that you no longer want the loan you will have the ability to cancel it. The three days is of course three business days which does include Saturday but not Sunday.

There is a lot to know if you are considering a reverse mortgage. Take some time to look over your options so that you are able to get the best reverse mortgage for you. These can be a rather helpful thing, but do your homework first.

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