Trends to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity thieves are getting better with technology.  They are adapting their ways to get our information in the changing world, so we too must adapt the way we protect ourselves.  No one wants their identity stolen, it is such a hassle, and it can take a long time to get your identity back.  However, while no one wants their identity stolen, some do not think about protecting it, others do they just do not do enough to protect themselves.
Identity thieves, also known as cybercriminals, are focusing on social media.  They want to hack in to your account and get not only your information, but access to your friends’ information.  Once they have your friends information they then will be able to get their friends information and so on.  Social media sites such as Facebook are working to make your information more secure so that you have better protection from cybercriminals.
Unprotected mobile devices are a big deal to identity thieves.  We all too often forget about downloading an app to protect our phones from viruses and malware.  It is very important to do this though.  Download virus and malware protection onto your phone now!  It is never too soon to download an app to protect your phone, but it can end up being too late.
Be careful of what anti-virus tools you download.  Fake technology is on the rise. This makes it easier for cybercriminals to create fake virus protection.  If you are not careful, you could download this thinking you are going to be protecting yourself, not realizing that you information is getting stolen while you think that you are getting protected.
If you are planning on getting virus protection you need to do your research. Make sure it is from a legitimate company.  Read any reviews that you can find, this will help you decide if it is a legitimate product or a scam.  Cybercriminals have no shame and will do anything they can, including creating websites and reviews for their product.  If you have not heard of the company, do research on it.  The easiest way to get virus protection is to just go with a big name company that you know is legitimate and not a scam.
Check your online accounts regularly, that way if a charge comes up that you did not do, you can notify the company immediately.  The faster you notice an issue and the faster you report it, the less damage the identity thief can cause.  All accounts that you have access to online should be checked a minimum of once a week.  It does not take much time to do this, but it can help save your identity.
There are many things that can be done to protect your identity.  Identity thieves are getting information in new ways now, so we must be able to protect ourselves in new ways.   With technology getting better and better these criminals are getting better and better at getting information online.   Check your accounts, keep all of your passwords different, and have virus protection on your computers, tablets, and smart phones.  The more you do to protect yourself the less thieves can take from you.

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