Tips to Not Pay Bank Fees

Bank fees are inevitable, so they seem.  There are ways to get around paying those fees.  Why pay for fees if you do not have to?  You need to save money not put money in the pockets of the bankers.
One thing that you should do if you want to avoid fees is take a good look at your checking account.  There are interest-earning checking accounts.  They sound like a good idea but you need to look closely at the fine print.  These accounts will charge you fees if you do not keep your account at a certain minimum which often is in the thousands.  That can be a difficult thing to do for most people; they just do not have thousands of dollars to keep in a checking account. 
Threaten to leave your bank.  You do not have to actually leave your bank; just threaten them that you will.  This will remind your bank that they are not the only financial institution that you could use.  There are plenty of other banks that you could go to, this will remind them that they would like to keep your business with them. 
Check out online banks, they offer incentives that the big banks do not.  Look at what they can offer.  Do you want to switch?  If not talk to your bank about what they can do to match what the online banks offer, sometimes they will match terms in order to keep you as a customer. 
Smaller banks focus more on their customers than they do shareholders.  Big banks tend to think about their shareholders and profits before their customers.  Smaller banks often provide better customer service.  Check them out.  It does not mean that you have to switch, take what you see and talk to your bank, maybe they will try harder for you.
There are plenty of ways in which one can get around bank fees.  There is no reason that you should have to pay those bank fees when you do not need to.  Focus on ways to keep from paying fees for things that you should be getting for free.  Talk to your bank’s employees and see what they will do to help you out.  The offer things such as fee waivers but you must ask for them, they will not just give it to you.

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