Technology Makes It Safer for the Older Generation to Live Alone

Technology Makes It Safer for the Older Generation to Live AloneAnyone who has parents who are getting older knows that it can take up some of your time worrying about whether or not they are okay living on their own. They are not as young and agile as they once were and things can be much harder on them. Thanks to technology it is now safer than ever for the older generation to live on their own.

If one of your parents were to fall and say they were home alone at the time, would they be able to get to a phone or call out for help? If you answered no or I don’t know, then you might need to start thinking about what you can do to help them.

Some people have found that you can get a system of motion detectors to put in your loved ones house. These can go along the floor and on the wall. This can alert you if something does not seem to be right. If you get the alert that something is not right you can either get to their home as fast as you can or see if an officer can go check on them.

There are products that you can purchase that the older person in your life can wear and if they need medical help all they have to do is push the button on the product. Then they are connected to the answering service who finds out what is going on and contacts the appropriate authorities. This is something that can come in handy no matter where your loved one is. My own grandmother fell outside of her home once when she was home alone and could not get up, she had to lie out there until a kind stranger went by and helped her up, it was not long after that incident that we purchased her one of these products.

There are some of our loved ones who live in a home with stairs and do not want to move, but have a very difficult time with the stairs, and maybe are even are at a fall risk when they try to go down the stairs. There are several companies that make chairs that they can sit in that will take them up and down the stairs so they do not have to worry about it. This is some technology that can save their life by keeping them from falling down the stairs.

Another safety concern for the older generation is getting in and out of the bathtub. This can be dangerous. If your loved one slips they can fall and break a bone or hit their head and really hurt themselves. Companies are making bathtubs that your loved ones can walk in and out of which makes it so much safer for them. The technology used to design a walk-in tub is something that many who have one are very thankful for, as some people cannot stand long enough to take a shower and must sit in the tub.
Times have changed; no longer do you have to leave your home when you reach a certain age or certain level of trouble getting around. All this technology increases the quality of life for the older generation. They do not want to give up their homes or their independence and this technology gives them the ability to hold on to both of those things.

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