Some Unusual Ways to Save Money

Everyone wants to save money.  Everyone has ways that they think is best to save money.  Some seem much stranger than others but all will help you to save money.

Want new clothes but do not want to spend the money?  Invite your friends over and have a fashion swap.  Have your friends bring over clothes and everyone can swap what they want with each other.  You can make a whole night of it.

Cut your hair.  If you have short hair you will spend less on shampoo and conditioner.  It will also take less time to rinse your hair which will help you to save water.  If you dye your hair and it is short, you will need less dye, after the course of a year you can save quite a bit of money.

Use professionals in training.  Find a teaching hospital and have the students do the work for you.  If you go to a teaching hospital to get medical treatment it can cost much less because they are still learning.  You can also do this with your hair.  Go to a cosmetology school to get your hair done and it too will help you to save a lot of money.

Save all your condiment packages to top off the bottles at your house.  This will help you to not need to buy your condiments as much as you otherwise would.  One packet may not be a lot but when you continuously save them it does add up.

You can reuse vacuum bags.  Once the bag is full you can empty it out and reuse it again.  This helps to save money on vacuum bags so that you do not need to buy them as often.  It may seem a little strange to reuse vacuum bags or even like more trouble than it is worth, but how much do you spend a year on them?  Probably a good deal of money, so save them and save money.

There are so many unusual ways to save money.  It just takes some thinking and some creativity.  You can find more and more ways to save money if you just think about it.  You may even be able to surprise yourself by the many ways you can think of to save money.  Just be creative and you will be able to save a lot of money.

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