Some Uncommon Ways to Save Money

Some Uncommon Ways to Save MoneyEveryone is looking for various ways to save a little extra money here and there. Finding uncommon ways to save money can help save more money because they tend to be ways you do not usually think about. Here are some uncommon ways that everyone can use to save a little extra cash here and there.

When you go out to eat do not order a soda or a drink, get water. Think about how many times you go out to eat each year. Then think about how much money you spend on drinks going out each year. This amount adds up much quicker than you think. Just a soda or lemonade costs over two dollars each time you go out, alcoholic drinks are even more. Getting only water can really help cut the costs.

Try to avoid going grocery shopping until your kitchen is as empty as you can stand it. This will force you to eat what you have. If you have to eat what it is you have in your kitchen you are less likely to throw it out because it is expired. This saves you money on food every year. We as Americans throw out so much food every year just because it is expired, it is ridiculous. This is one way we can try to avoid that.

If you get fast food, take advantage of the condiment packets. You can use these packets to top off the condiments that you have at home which will help you to save money on them. Most places will ask you when you go through the drive through if you would like some, so tell them that you would.

Do not buy rag to use to clean or use as junk rags. Instead go to your closet and find some old t-shirts that are ruined that you will no longer wear. You can cut these apart and use these as your junk rags. Not only are you saving money by doing this, you are reusing these shirts which is good for the environment.

Keep hand sanitizer close by. Using hand sanitizer after you shake hands with someone or after touching something that is used by the public can help you to keep yourself from getting sick. If you do not get sick then you do not have to pay to go the doctor or pay for medication.

There are many uncommon ways to save money. If you spend some time thinking about it you may be amazed at all the ideas that you can come up with. Write all of your ideas down so that you do not forget!

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