Social Media Is Capable Of Ruining Your Life If You Let It

Social media is incredibly popular.  Almost everyone is on at least one site.  There are tons of social media sites out there and there are a lot of people who get on many of them. What they do not realize is if they are not careful, these social media sites can ruin their lives, so they have to be very careful in what they post.

One way that you can allow your life to be ruined by social media is by not having your privacy setting set private enough.  You do not want criminals looking at your page getting an idea of who you are and what your schedule is like.  Experts will tell you to have your privacy settings set as private as possible.

Another way that you can ruin your life through social media is by oversharing information.  This is something many people do without even thinking.  If you share too much personal information and an identity thief sees it, they may try to steal your identity.  If you are posting about how you are going to be on vacation and your house will be empty a criminal may see it and decide it would be a good idea to break in while you are gone.  Do not overshare on social media.

You can also ruin your life by way of your career through social media as well.  More and more employers are looking to social media sites to see what kind of people are applying for positions at their company.  Doing this gives them better insight as to who you are.  If you post many inappropriate things to your page and the potential employer is able to see it, then they are going to be much less likely to hire you, after all when you work for a company you become a representative for that company.

My Social Media Personae

My Social Media Personae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you already have a job and are posting negative things about your coworkers, boss, job, or company in general expect to be fired.  If your boss finds out that you are posting things about your job or the company on your social media sites they will not be happy and you could lose your job depending on what you have posted.  If you do lose your job and a potential employer found out why you lost it, they may think twice before hiring you out of fear that you will do the same at their company.

Social media is intended to be a fun way to keep in contact with people.  You can talk to people from all over the world!  If you use social media improperly though, you could ruin your life.  Do not let social media ruin your life, make sure that you are careful and have high privacy settings, and are responsible and only post appropriate things.  This is the best way to ensure that you do not let social media ruin your life.

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