Signs Your Identity has Been Compromised

Your identity needs protection; this is something that most people know.  Identity thieves are getting smarter and finding different ways to steal identities.  You need to be able to protect your identity.  There are signs to watch for that will tell you that your identity may have been compromised. 
Think about this, you are out shopping and you give the cashier your credit card and it is declined but you do not know why.  Obviously the first thing you will do when you get home will be to call your credit card company.  If you can view your purchases with the card online you should have that with you when you call the credit card company.  Before you call you should look over the purchases and note any that you did not make.  That way your credit card company can work to reverse the charges and help you to find out who stole your identity.  It would also be a good idea to have them cancel the card, they can issue you a new one if you would like, but that credit card number has been compromised and you can no longer use it.
If you get a call from a creditor and do not know why this should be a red flag. This should tell one of two things, either they have the wrong number or someone has stolen your information.  This will mean that you need to take immediate action, you need to review purchases made on credit cards to look for any you did not make.  Talk to the creditor who is calling to find out who you supposedly owe.  Then you may need to talk to your credit card company and maybe even the company you owe.
If your monthly billing statements stop showing up you need to be concerned. This is another red flag that your information has been compromised.  Someone is getting between you and your statements so that you do not find out that someone has your information.  Do not just assume it has been lost in the mail.  If the statement has not shown up by the time it normally does, contact the company.  They may be able to email you the statement so that you can see it and check for any unauthorized purchases.
You should be reviewing your credit report yearly.  If you check your credit score and notice that the score has taken a sudden and unexpected dive, then there is a big red flag that you have had your identity compromised.  Look for any and all errors on the report and get help immediately. 
Having your identity stolen is no laughing matter.  This is a serious problem.  It can take years for you to get your life on track after someone has stolen your identity. This is a big problem that you will need help dealing with.  There is no way that you can deal with identity theft on your own.  Get as much help to deal with it and find the person who stole your identity.  Review your statements and credit reports often and check them carefully.  The sooner you can find an error the sooner the process of getting your life back can start.

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