Sending Mail Can Help Fuel the Economy

Sending Mail Can Help Fuel the EconomyThe economy has been on the mind of many Americans. They want to do what they can to help fuel it, but some do not know what to do. One simple way to help the economy is to send mail. Most have not really thought about it, but the postal service is in financial trouble, and sending mail will not only help them, but the economy as well.

When most people think of mail they think bills, magazines, and catalogs. They do not think about the economy, but they should. Most likely you have heard about the postal service wanting to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. This is because they are in financial trouble.

With the ability to pay bills online, email, and social networking, we have found more ways to do what we need and connect with others without the postal service. They count on the money they get from selling the stamps that we use to send in our bills or to send a letter to a loved one, when we stop doing that, they suffer.

The more the postal service suffers the more the economy could suffer. If things get too bad for them, they could start lying off employees, adding to the unemployment we have in this country. This will lead to more people needing government help to make it, more people competing for the same jobs, and an all around troubled economy.

Doing something as simple as mailing in a bill or writing a letter to a loved one can actually help to fuel the economy. People today say they want to help the economy but there is nothing that they can do, this is not true. Sending packages to those you care about but are not near helps too.

I live in Iowa and my best friend moved to California. We send little things to each other through the mail all the time. It lets the other one know that we are thinking of each other, even though we talk on the phone and online on a regular basis. She is pregnant so I also send her baby stuff in the mail.
Sending things in the mail does two things, first it shows someone that you care and second it helps the economy. This is something that many people do not think about yet it is so simple. The next time you think that there is nothing you can do to help the economy remember the postal service depends on the income they get from selling stamps, so send a letter, mail in your payment on a bill, or send a package to someone you care about.

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