Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Who does not want to save money on their electric bill?  Probably someone who will never have to worry about money.  For the rest of us, lowering our electric bill can help up to save money when we are in a time that the economy is not the best.  There are simple ways you can save money on you electric bill, you just have to be willing to do them consistently.
When you are not in a room everything should be turned off.  Many times we leave a room and without thinking we leave the light on.  Make sure that it is turned off, even if you will eventually be going back in that room.  Same goes for the T.V.  if no one is watching it, it needs to be turned off.  Even if you will be going back into that room and will be watching T.V. or at least have it on, it should be turned off when you are not in the room.
Kitchen appliances that are not used regularly such as the toaster or blender need to be unplugged.  Just because they are off does not mean they are not taking energy out of the outlet.  By unplugging them they cannot take any energy and this will help to lower your electric bill.  This goes for anything not regularly used, just unplug it.  It can extend from out of the kitchen to the bathroom, living room, bedrooms, and so on.  Make a conscious effort to unplug anything that is not regularly used.
During the day use natural light instead of turning on the lights.  Unless you have extremely thick curtain, even with them shut natural light will come in.  This usually, depending on what you are doing, will be enough light to do what you need to do. 
In the winter time, if you have a fire place, use that to help heat your home.  You can keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature, and then you can use the fire place to add extra heat.  During the summer time, make sure that the fireplace is closed up, that way heat cannot get in.  Then you will be able to set the thermostat at a higher temperature.
By planting shade trees on the southwest side of your home you can get shade in the summer time which will help keep the heat out of your house.  You can buy trees at different stages of growing.  You can buy smaller ones that will not help as much now as it will in a few years.  You can buy larger ones that will provide more shade now, and even more in a few years.
There are many ways in which you can lower your electric bill.  The biggest part of this however is being consistent.  If you only have your curtains closed one day a week in the summer it is not going to do much for your electric bill.  Have a meeting with everyone who lives in the house about what you will be doing, and when you will be doing it so that everyone is on the same page and everyone can be consistent with what it takes to lower your electric bill.

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