A Remote Control for Your Smartphone?

We have all been hearing about the smart watches that are going to be hitting the market soon.  They have been creating quite the buzz as wearable technology is expected to be big in 2014.  One company however has gone beyond just a smart watch and has also made their watch a remote control for your smart phone.

Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Sony has for a long time now been a big player in the electronics industry so it should surprise no one that they too are getting in on this technology.  They have developed the Sony Liveview, which they say is both a watch and remote control for your smart phone.  They are planning on selling their device for only $78.

This device is going to be able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone to update you with important information.  This will save you from having to continuously take your phone out to check it.  Taking your phone out all the time to check it is not only inconvenient but at some times it can be viewed as rude.

The LiveView will come with a 1.3 inch display screen.  It will allow you to see updates from your social media sites and incoming texts.  It will also allow you to see the phone number of who is calling you so you will know whether or not you want to take your phone out and answer the call.  If you do not want to take the call, you can even mute the ringer.  That is not all either; you can even get reminders sent to the watch, and have music controls.

With Sony being a big name in electronics for decades we knew that they would create something amazing to put on the market to compete with the other smart watches that are going to be coming out.  If you are interested in the Sony LiveView you can purchase it from Sony UK.

If this is what Sony is coming out with the first time around, can you imagine what the next model will be able to do?  Only time will tell what these watches will develop into but one thing is for sure, people are getting really excited about having wearable technology.  People love technology and if it can make your life easier or any more fun, they will love it even more.

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