Protect Your Identity on a Daily Basis

Identity theft is a very scary thing.  If your identity is stolen it can take a very long time to come back from the damage that has been done.  It is very important to protect your identity every day with everything you do.
Everyone has heard about high tech identity theft such as stealing passwords or pin numbers and so on.  However what most people do not know is that while high tech identity theft is what we hear about the most, it is not the most common way for thieves to steal your identity.  In fact the most common way is the old fashion way, stealing purses, wallets, etc. 
Women, when you go out to dinner or to the bar to have drinks there is one common thing that is done that you should most definitely not do.   Do not hang your purse on the back of your chair.  It makes it much easier for someone to walk by and grab it without being noticed.
Men one thing you can do to protect your identity is to put a rubber band around your wallet.  It seems simply, maybe even a little strange, but what you should know is that the rubber band adds friction, so when someone tries to take it out of your back pocket it is much more noticeable for you.  It makes it easier for you to feel that it is being taken out of your pocket and much harder for identity thieves to get away with stealing your wallet.
One thing both women and men should do is get a shredder if they do not already have one.  Shred all documents that have any personal information about you. This way an identity thief cannot go through your garbage or recycling and get documents with your personal information that they can use to take your identity.
Sign all your credit cards!  It is so much easier for an identity thief to make a fake ID with their picture and your name than to master your signature.  Putting see photo ID will not work if they have the ability to make a fake ID, so always sign your cards.  Check the signature often, if it has faded or rubbed off, resign it.  Always keep it with a legible signature to make sure that it can be read. 
As far as credit cards go, do not carry all of them with you. Keep some in a safe place at home.  That way if someone does steal your purse or wallet, they will not have all of your credit cards and therefore they will not be able to spend as much as they would if you kept all of your credit cards with you.  Decide before you leave what cards you want to take with you.  If you have store credit cards and are not going to be going to those stores, do not take them.  If you have multiple bank credit cards, decide what one you want to use that day and take it with you, leaving the rest at home.
There are many ways in which your identity can be stolen.  There are also many ways to protect yourself from identity thieves.  By staying one step ahead of these identity thieves you can protect yourself better.  Always keep an eye out, make sure you always know where your purse or wallet is.  By paying extra attention to your surroundings and your purse or wallet you can better protect yourself from identity thieves.

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