Personal Finance Apps for Your Smartphone

Everyone is on the go most of the time. Our phones have become our lifelines. This is why it is only natural that there are now personal finance apps for smartphones now. This helps you to manage your finances and your money all while on the go. Here are some personal finance apps that you can get on your smartphone today.

The first app is called iWallet. This app helps the consumer manage their money. It allows for you to track where your money is going by entering expenses into specific categories. This app also has easy to read charts and graphs to make managing your money easier.

The next app is called RedLaser. This app is meant to help you save money while you are out shopping around. What you do is you download this app to your phone, then when you are out shopping, use it to scan the barcode on the item you want to buy, then it will give you the option of the best place to get that item based on the price.

Expenditure is an app that not only allows you to keep track of your purchases, but allows you to do so with images and notes. This app will allow you to store a picture of both the new item that you have bought, and the receipt from the purchase. This also helps to track your monthly expenses and help with your budget.

ShoeBox is another app that allows you to keep track of receipts. You can think of this app as a filing cabinet on your phone so you do not have to keep track of papers. It allows you to take a picture of the receipt in order to save it on your phone. This app is not only good for individuals but also for businesses as well.

Most banks have their own phone apps these days. Bank specific apps can help you to everything from managing your accounts to transferring money or even paying bills. This is really handy when you are on the go and do not have the time to go to the bank or to even go to its site on the internet. Each bank will offer its own benefits for using these apps, allowing you to do different things, or even accrue points or rewards. Look into what you bank does if you are thinking of getting their app.

There are so many different apps for smartphones that do different things all to help you manage your finances easier. If you do not have any of these apps yet find out what some of them do so you can get the one app or combination of apps that is best suited to your needs.

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