Need Some Extra Money?

Everyone could use some extra money from time to time.  There are many ways that you can make some extra money when you need it.  Some will require more time than others.  Decide what your strengths are and it will help you figure out what you can do to make some extra money.
Housecleaning is a chore that many people do not enjoy doing.  You could set up to do weekly cleanings for people on the weekends or help them with one large job such as cleaning out the basement.  There are a lot of people who would be willing to pay for help with these things.  The big one time projects can look really overwhelming to someone before they get started and they often time they really appreciate having the help, even if they are paying for it.
What subject in school were you the best at?  Think back.  Being a tutor to a child who could use some extra help could not only earn you some extra money, but it could also make you feel good about yourself for helping a child.  You can set this up to be anywhere from one to three or four times a week. You could help with one subject or multiple subjects.  You can get the teacher’s email address from the parent of the child just in case you have a question about how they do something in the classroom.
Have you thought about being a personal chef?  Most people think that only the wealthy people need personal chefs.  This is not the case.   Sometimes it is too difficult for seniors to cook anymore.  You could spend a day making up freezable plates to take to the senior.  They then can reheat them in their microwave.  This gives them the nutrition they need, but are unable to prepare for themselves.
Do a car wash.  Most people like it when their car is clean.  Hold a car wash to make some extra money.  Set up signs so that people will know where to go to get their car washed.  Many times people like this because they do not have to be the one to wash it and risk getting wet, and they do not even have to get out of their car.
There are so many ways that someone could earn extra money when they need it. These are just a few examples.  Sit down and think what are you good at?  What can you do for others that they would be willing to pay you for?  If you really think about it you can probably come up with many ideas.  Try some out, some might work better than other but you will not know that until your try them.  Be creative and you can find many ways to earn some extra money.

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