Need Emergency Cash to Pay for that Expensive Room Service Bill?

Guys. A lot of us have been in this situation before: The wife is feeling a bit neglected and really wants to have a night away from the house and the normal daily grind. So, as good husbands we decide to take them out for a night they won’t forget. You get a nice room at the best hotel you can afford, and maybe you two decide to live like the rich folks do for a night. You order up drinks and lots of good food – maybe even fancy dessert items – via the hotel’s room service. It’s easy to make these kinds of choices when you are caught up in the moment. But the next morning you realize that you now have a HUGE room service bill to pay. So what do you do if you need $500 to pay the room service bill from the weekend with your wife at a swanky motel, and you need that money fast?

A Major Dilemma for Most Guys

Men obviously want to give their wives a nice night or weekend out once in a while. The problem is that these types of outings can often end up costing more than we bargained for. Getting food and drinks delivered to the room is a great way to ensure that the romance keeps brewing, but it can wreak havoc on your bank account. So after a night of living high on the hog, you are now looking at the prospect of having to check out of the hotel very soon, and having a very big bill to contend with. So if you really lived it up, and need $500 to pay the room service bill from the weekend out at that fancy hotel with your wife, what are you supposed to do.

Here’s a very BAD way to handle this Situation

Some people might tell you that pawn shops are the best source to turn to when you find yourself in this kind of tight financial spot. These geniuses might tell you to simply pawn something, like maybe your wedding ring, watch or even some of your wife’s jewelry to get the $500, and then to get the items out of pawn once you get paid again. Man, talk about getting a life sentence in the dog house. Most wives would simply freak out if they found out you were in so deep for a weekend out, that they may never consider the idea of a getaway with you ever again. And let’s face it that would not be very good for the future of your marriage, would it?

Simple Way to get Fast Cash

If you are employed and have a bank account, you don’t have to rush off to the pawn shop and get yourself in hot water with the wife. And you don’t have to sell any of your stuff on eBay or Craig’s List either. Payday lenders are in the business of helping people when they need cash for emergency expenses. And paying that hotel room service bill, while still keeping your wife happy and content is definitely something that would qualify as an emergency expense. You get to pay back these loans when you get your next paycheck (plus a flat rate loan fee) and there’s nothing else to it.

As long as you pay your loan back on time, you’ll only have to pay the flat loan fee, and that’s it. This is obviously something you don’t want to do every weekend, but these types of loans can be a lifeline when you are trying to stoke those romantic fires, and to enjoy time away from the real world with your wife. And now you know all there is to know when you need $500 to pay the room service bill from the weekend with your wife at a swanky hotel. Best of luck guys!!

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