Money Saving Tips for Students

It is not easy being a college student.  You have all that homework and those test to worry about.  They also have limited resources.  Just because they are in college does not mean that students want to stay in their dorm room the whole time that they are not in class.  With limited resources they must be careful where and how they spend their money.  
The first thing that a college student needs to do is stop buying on impulse.  Every time you go out and you see something that you want you need to ask yourself if you need it.  Take a minute to think about the answer.  More often than not college students will go out and see something they want and purchase it without thinking, this leads them to buying something that they have no use for, which is just a waste of money. 
Try to give up a bad habit.  Most bad habits whether it is drinking or smoking or something else, tend to cost us more money.  If the student can give up just one bad habit, they will see significant savings at the end of the year.         
Students need to stop trying to keep up with everyone else.  Many times a student will see what their roommate has or what their friends have or what that person down the hall has, and they think they either need that or something better.  If you stop worrying about keeping up with everyone else you can save your money.  Chances are that if the students who have those things did not receive them from their parents, then they used a credit card to get it. 
Every student needs to hide their credit cards.  Too many college students think that they can make purchases on their credit card and then when they graduate they will be able to get a good job and just pay off the remaining balance at once.  It does not always work out like that.  It could take several months to find a decent job, or you will not get the starting wage you thought you would get, or any other reason.  Credit cards only help your credit if you pay on them every month, and the payment should be more than the minimum balance.  So the best thing a student can do is to hide their credit card and only get it out in the event of a true emergency.
If the student finds that there is something that they do need such as clothes or sheets or anything else they should try to find bargains.   Consignment shops are opening up everywhere, buying what you need at one of the local consignment shops can save you a lot of money over buying new things.  There are many consignment shops that sell a wide variety of things such as, clothes, jewelry, furniture, accessories, shoes, and so on.  You can almost always find what you are looking for, so that should be the first stop for a student who needs something.
There are many ways for students to save money.  They just need to be creative about it.  Instead of spending money without thinking they should always ask themselves if they need it or if they will actually use it.  Spending a little more time thinking before spending can really help them to save money in the event they do not get the dream job or dream wage when they get out of school.

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