These Money Issues Could Kill Your Marriage

It is no secret that money is one main topic that can cause problems with a marriage. Not everyone realizes though that money issues can actually kill some marriages. If you know about the issues you and your spouse can talk about them, figure out a plan and keep them from killing your marriage.

One of the biggest marriage killing money issues is debt. Many couples fight about the debt that they are in. On occasion on person will blame part of the debt on the other because they had to have something or because they aren’t paying enough toward that debt. No matter why a couple argues over debt, it is one of the biggest reasons why people split up over money.

Your personality can actually play a big part in whether or not your marriage is killed by money issues. Do you like to gamble? Does your spouse like to shop? These are things that can cause spouses to have problems with each other when it comes to money. One person may feel it is okay to spend money on something; it is just part of their personality, while the other one does not feel it is okay, and it is just part of their personality.

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality (Photo credit: charlesfettinger)

Dividing money up can kill your marriage if you are not careful. It is the yours, mine, and ours situation that many couples find themselves in and have a hard time finding a way out. This in theory works, but in practice does not. You each keep the money you make, and then split the bills, whatever each person has left can be spent however the feel like it. It sounds like a good plan but more often than not it will leave one spouse resentful over what the other is spending money on.

The decision of whether or not to have children can actually be a marriage killing money issue. Kids cost a lot of money to raise. They have a lot of needs as they grow up and the older they get the more expensive those needs and wants are. What if one of you is willing to give up that money in order to have children, but the other does not want to? This is something you need to think about because there is a lot of money on the line over the next 18 years.

One of the worst marriage killing money issues is what is referred to as the power play. This is when one spouse does not work or is out of work, or when one spouse makes more than the other, and they hold this over the other. The spouse who does not make money, or does not make as much money then feels bad, and even resentful toward their spouse. The power play is not considered to be healthy behavior.

These can all kill your marriage if you let them. Knowing them is the first step to not letting them do any damage to your marriage. If you know about them, then you and your spouse can sit down and have a conversation about them. Work out these money issue before they actually become issue and you will not have to worry about them killing your marriage.

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