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There are not many people out there who would say that they do not want or need extra money.  Almost everyone could use some extra money to pay off some bills or just to have fun.  Many people do nothing to try to get that extra money though because they simply are not sure of how to go about getting that extra money.  There are some rather simple ways that anyone can make some extra money.
One thing that you can do for extra money is babysit.  I am sure you are probably thinking “but I’m not a teenager anymore”.  You do not need to be a teenager to babysit. In fact most people are willing to pay a little more for someone who can provide their own transportation.  Another thing that will help you make more is that you are not a teenager, you are more responsible, and you will not be trying to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend over.  When you are no longer a teenager you are usually more responsible, and parents will pay more for that as well. 
How many friends or family members do you have with pets?  Many people when they go out of town will pay a lot to board their pets or to have someone go to their house so many times a day to take care of their pets.  Why not offer your services instead.  They will most likely take comfort in the fact that someone they know and who knows the pet will be the one taking care of them while the owners are gone.   You can even post ads online, in the paper, and hang fliers at veterinarian’s offices to advertise your services.  
Another thing you could do for extra money would be to help seniors who no longer drive run their errands or go to their appointments.  Often times seniors who can no longer drive really appreciate it when someone is willing to either help them run their errands or will run their errands for them.  They also really appreciate it when they have someone to take them to their appointments and help them get to and from the car.
If you are good with computers you could always offer your services to do minor repairs on computers.  You could help someone install the new software they have purchased or get the computer ready to sell.  Many people will be happy to get help wiping their old computers to get rid of them; after all they do not want anyone to get any of their information. 
There are many ways to make extra money.  They can be very easy only taking a couple hours of your time, or they can be more difficult taking much more of your time.  If you sit down and think about what you are really good at doing you will find a way that you can make some extra money.

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