Job Forecast Looks Bleak for the Class Of 2013

  Job Forecast Looks Bleak for the Class Of 2013When most students graduate college they expect they will be able to get a decent job and work on building up their career.  This is how things have worked for generations.  For the class of 2013 things may be different.  The job market does not look so good, and it seems as though they may have some trouble finding a job that suits them.
  One part of the equation that is making things difficult for the new graduates is that the unemployment rate for recent grads has been very high.  This means that they will have even more competition when looking for a job than they otherwise would.  They no longer only have to worry about their classmates and those who are graduating from other colleges during the same year, but graduates from previous years who have had no luck finding a job as well.
It is not just those who have graduated in the last few years that they will have to go up against to land a job either.  When the economy took a down turn older more experienced workers found themselves without a job, leaving them to compete for work with the recent grads.  Yes the job market has improved in recent years, but not quite enough for the amount of people who lost their jobs when the economy took a hit, and certainly not enough when you add in the countless graduates that are looking to join the job market as well.
All this is leaving grads wondering if it is worth it.  After they borrow all this money to pay for a degree and then cannot get a job to pay off those loans what are they supposed to do?  Many are taking part-time positions out of necessity until something better comes along, but that barely leaves them with enough to pay living expenses let alone loan payments.
Many are deferring their loan payments until they are able to find a job that pays them enough for them to afford to pay back their loans, but even still you can only defer your loans for so long.  This is leaving many high school graduates wondering if going to college and getting into debt in order to get a degree is even worth it.  Many are considering finding an entry level job with a company that requires no degree and building their career from there.  That way they do not start off in debt with a difficult time paying it back.
  No matter how you look at it the class of 2013 is going to have some difficult decisions to make, whether they are graduating from high school or college.  The job market is just not on their side right now.  It will take them some time to find the job they want and that will pay what they feel they deserve to be earning.  This is time they may not have.
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