How to Save Money on Your Water Bill This Summer

Everyone is looking for ways to save money in their everyday life.  In this economy most people want to hold on to as much of their money as possible so that they have at least a little bit in the bank should they use their income.  By lowering their water bill people can save a good deal of money.  Most of the country is in a drought right now, and many cities and towns are asking their residence to conserve water.  By doing this you save the water supply, and your bank account.
Your lawn may turn a bit brown, but so will everyone else’s.  Stop outdoor watering.  This will cut down on how much water you use saving your money.  There is alternative way to water when possible.  Set buckets outside so that when it rains you are able to catch the rain to use to water your outdoor plants.  You can also keep old fish tank water to use on outdoor plants.  It will not hurt them, and you will not waste any water.
When you or anyone in your family takes a shower they should make sure to turn the water off when they are lathering up.  It may seem like a nuisance to have to turn the water on and off, but it will save you on water.  Not only will it save water in general, but it will also save hot water.  The same thing should be done when brushing your teeth.  If you want to get your toothbrush wet do so, then turn off the water while you brush. When you are ready to rinse out your mouth and rinse off your toothbrush you can turn the water back on.
Taking a shower instead of a bath saves water.  This is especially true if you are turning the water off when you are lathering up.  The more people in the house who shower instead of a bath the more you will save on your water bill. 
Never run the dishwasher or washing machine if the load is not full.  If you do it will waste water.  If you do not have quite enough dishes in the dishwasher, wait to run it.  You may end up with some dishes stuck in your sick because they will not fit.  That is fine.  If you decide to hand wash the dishes that do not fit into the dishwasher, turn off the facet while you scrub them.  You can scrub all the dishes you can, and then rinse them all at the same time.
With the current drought saving water is somewhat necessary.  It will also help you to have money.  These are things that can be done year round, not just when in a drought.  You can save money all year by saving water all year.

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