How to Protect Yourself if You Lose Your Phone

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days.  These smart phones are almost like mini personal computers that we carry with us.  They have much of our personal information on them.  We use these phones for everything, including mobile banking.  So if you lose your smart phone, you have lost a lot of information, and you have to hope that the wrong person did not find it.
One thing that many people do not think much about is setting a password to get on the phone.  Less than half of smart phone users put a password lock on their phone. This is an extremely simple thing that in the event of losing your phone could help in a big way to protect your information.
            When on your phone and you are using applications or on your banking site, when you are done make sure you log out.  This is a simple step that does not take long to do but can help protect your information should someone else end up with your phone.  They can see the sites that you have gone to, but they do not have immediate access because you took the few seconds to log out.
            Most phones have the ability to download a phone locating app.  This way if you do lose your phone you can find out where it is.  These phone tracking apps are a great idea.  If you do accidentally leave your phone somewhere but cannot remember where, this can tell you where it is.  It does not take long to download this app, but if you do end up needing it you will be very glad you took the time to download it.
            Your wireless provider can help you set up a way to remotely erase your information on your phone should you lose it.  Most smart phones require you to have a Google account.  If you do have one of these accounts your information will not be lost forever, it will be stored in your account.  It would erase the information from the phone so that whoever finds it cannot get any information from it. 
            Taking small simple steps to protect your information should you lose your phone is most certainly worth it.  Many people do not do these things because they do not think it will happen to them.  That is something that should never be assumed.  If you always think that it will never happen to you, you let your guard down making it easier for identity thieves to get their hands on.  If you are always thinking that anyone could take your phone and identity, you tend to be more careful with your phone, and take steps to protect yourself in the even that you do lose or have your phone stolen.

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