Good News for Home Sales

There is good news for the housing market.  Sales are up and home sellers are happy.  This is looking like this is the fastest growth in home resale since May of 2010. This is good news not just for the housing market but also for the economy as well, it could be indicating that there could soon be an even bigger turn around in the economy.
Not only have sales in general gone up for the housing market but distressed sales have gone down.  This means that people who have to sell their house because they cannot afford it do due any number of reasons has gone down.  People are more able to afford their homes instead of getting in over their head.
Many experts have been talking about the housing market and mortgage rates, terms, and conditions.  With the economy in a poor condition which makes lenders want to be much more careful with whom they are lending to.  This can make it more difficult for people to get the mortgage they need to go on with the process of buying a home. 
Taking that into consideration it is great news for the housing market and the economy that people are still getting mortgage loans and buying homes.  With stronger restrictions you would think that the housing market would have more trouble than it is having.  Instead of more people getting home loans less people should be getting a mortgage loan.  This is not the case though.  More and more people are qualifying for these home loans even with the tougher restrictions.
All across the country home sales have increased.  This is great news.  This shows us that the economy, even if slowly, is getting back on its feet.  More and more Americans are taking the risk and investment of buying a home; this shows that the average consumer in America has more confidence in the economy and the housing market. 
No one in their right mind would invest in something if they thought that they would lose money on it.  People want to make money not lose it.  Therefore based on how the housing market is looking all across the country consumers are having more and more confidence in the housing market and the economy.  If they are having more confidence in the economy, then chances are those who are not looking to buy a new home are gaining confidence in the housing market or at least the economy as well. 
Most experts feel that this trend with the housing market is going to not only continue but also improve even more.  It may be somewhat difficult to get a mortgage loan at the moment since restrictions are tough, but if things continue the way they are going now, things may get easier and easier for all Americans who are looking for a home loan.

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