Get More Life out Of Your Cell Phone’s Battery

It can get annoying rather quickly having to make sure you are able to get your phone plugged in all the time because your cell phone’s battery does not last very long.  Many people just assume there is nothing that they can do about it.  As it turns out there are a few things that you can do to get more life out of your cell phone’s battery.

There are a lot of things that use up your battery that you may not have never even realized used your battery.  When you get your phone it has default settings such as vibrate when it rings or to make a sound when you touch it.  All of these things actually use up your battery.  If you go through and turn off all these defaults and notifications, you can help add life to your battery.

Pay attention to where you leave your phone.  If you allow your phone to get hot you will lose battery life.  If you are able to keep your cell phone cool the battery will last longer. This means watch out for sunny spots on the table you do not want to leave it sitting in the sun anywhere, always keep it as cool as possible.

Do you have a home phone?  If so why are you leaving your cell phone on when you are home?  Turning your cell phone of is one of the biggest things that you can do to save battery life in your cell phone.  I do not need to explain why as it is obvious.

Many people do not realize that keeping their apps up to date is important for battery life.  When you see that you have an app update you need to do it because these app developers will continue to work on the apps, improving optimization, which does have an impact on your battery.  If you are anything like me you have tons of apps on your phone as your phone manages your life, which makes updating the apps super important.

Getting a new cell phone is always exciting.  A new phone is always coming out making the one you have look old, so when you get the chance to get the newest in cell phone technology it is rather exciting.  Most people do not realize however, that the larger your display screen is, the more battery your phone will eat when you are using it.  So bottom line is that when you buy these big phones that can do so many things, their batteries will not last long because the screen is so large that when you use it more battery is used.

If you have a smartphone you need to unplug it once it is done charging.  Smartphones have lithium-ion batteries, so if you leave them plugged in after they are fully charged it can actually degrade battery life.  All cell phones since the beginning of cell phones have various do’s and don’ts for charging the batter, make sure you know what they are for your type of phone.

There are various things that you can do to get more life out of the battery in your cell phone.  It will not magically make it like you have a brand new battery, but it will help you to get the most life out of the one you have.  Every little thing you do for your battery will add up to a little more life, so the more you do the more life you will get from your battery.

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