Geographical Payday Loan Usage

If you look at a map of the United States to see where payday loans are the most common you will see that most geographical regions are fairly close.  There is one region that is slightly lower than the rest.
According to the Pew Sage Small-Dollar Loans Research Project, 2012 the Midwest uses payday loans the most at seven percent, the west and the south tie with six percent and the northeast comes in last with three percent.  You can see that most of the geographical regions are very close in their percentage except for the northeast. 
The research project also shows us that urban areas have the highest percentage of payday loan users with seven percent.  This is followed by rural and exurban areas with six percent.  Small towns come in next with four percent, and suburban areas come in last with three percent.  Most of these areas are also very close in percentage.
It is obvious that with a few exceptions that most areas are very close in percentage for people who use payday loans.  This shows it does not matter where you are that there are lenders to help no matter where you go.  If you need a payday loan you can get one almost anywhere. 
Some states have rather restrictive laws on payday lending.  This does not do much to change the percentage of people who will use the services of a payday lender. Other states have much more relaxed laws on payday lending and that too has not changed the percentage much of the people who use payday loans.
You can get a loan almost anywhere.  Payday lenders are set up to provide small short term loans to people who need help.  They provide a valuable service to those who otherwise would not be able to get the help that they need.  It does not matter where in the country you live, you will always be able to find a payday lender to help you when you need it.

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