A Flexible Phone Display

A Flexible Phone DisplayIt seems as soon as you upgrade your smartphone a new one comes out on the market that makes yours look like old technology. It can be frustrating, but at the same time it can be exciting to see just what these phone companies can do with the phones. Now Samsung has shown off a new phone that is getting a lot of buzz.

Earlier this year the annual Consumer Electronics Show took place. Among the many companies that were there showing off their newest technology, was Samsung. For some time now Samsung has been known for bringing us new technology aimed at making our lives easier and so much better than they already are. With their newest phone, they will make many, especially the accident prone, rather happy.

I know that I am not the only one that has dropped my phone on more than one occasion. Depending on how hard your phone falls it can almost make your heart skip a beat because you do not want your phone to break and depending on what cover you have on your phone, it may not protect it enough. Samsung has come up with new technology that they call Youm, and it just might be the answer that all of us accident prone phone droppers could really use.

This Youm technology makes your phone display flexible. This flexibility helps to make the phone unbreakable. This is something that many will be excited about, because for some, no matter how careful you try to be, well, some things just happen. The Youm technology is used with the OLED technology that Samsung has been using not only in the phones that they have been making lately but the televisions they have recently been working on.

As of right now this phone is still in the prototype phase. Do not worry though, all technology we have at our disposal today started with a prototype before a final product was put on the market. This means there is progress being made to get this phone ready to go and make it available to consumers.

For some time now Samsung has been one of the leading companies coming out with new technology to better our lives. With the newest bits of technology that they are releasing and showing prototypes of this year, we should all be excited to see what they will have for us next year. We will have to wait to find out but it will most like, based on what they have done so far, be worth the wait.

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