Don’t Think You Need A Will?

Many people do not feel that they need a will when they are younger.  They think that when they get older or have children or more assets that they should get a will then. The truth is that no one can know what their future has in store for them and they never know when their life will end.  This means it is never too early to create a will. 
If you die and do not have a will the state will decide what happens to your things and if you have them, your children.  If your family does not agree with the state as far as what happens with your estate or children, then they will most likely enter into a long and costly battle that may not truly be worth it.  Do you not want a say in who gets what and where your children will go?  This is one big reason why you need a will.
Many people do not have wills simply because going to the attorney’s office is expensive and time consuming.  What they may not realize is that there are other options.  There are websites that are being created to help people create a will with less time and money.  This is huge!  It is becoming easier and easier to create a will, so why do you not have one yet? 
There are people who think that if they have a living trust that will be good enough.  Think again.  A living trust is not enough; you still need to have a will.  With a living trust you add your assets to it throughout your lifetime.  If you have property or other assets that you have not yet transferred to your living trust, then with the will the property or assets can be transferred to the revocable living will after death.
There are other reasons why a revocable living will is not enough.  If you have children that are minors you most likely want to choose who the live with after your death.  You need a will to do that; a living trust will not name a guardian for your child or children.   Most people do not put things such as antiques and personal property into their trust either; they usually just put in the larger stuff such as property and vehicles. Having a will, allows you to decide what pieces of your personal property goes where and to whom.  Without a will, your family may be left fighting over things that you had owned. 
Not only are there websites that will help you to create a will but there are also several self-help books available as well.  These books hold a lot of information and can help you when creating a will on your own.  You can go to your local library or book store and look for them.
Creating a will is a very important thing for everyone no matter what age you are. If you are unsure of where to start, ask your friends if they have a will and if so where or how they created theirs.  If they have one chances are they can give you some tips and pointers on how to create one and be satisfied not only with the will itself, but also with the entire journey of creating it.  You can also ask your parents, co-workers, grandparents or anyone else that you know.  It is a good idea to find out who go their will and how so you can see if there is one method of creating one that people seem to like more than others.  It will also help you to see any negative side of doing it one way or another.  Get as much information as you can before you begin creating yours and you will have an easier time doing it.

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