Do Not Pay Monthly Fees to Protect Your Identity

There are a lot of companies out there that will help you to protect you identity. This seems like a great idea right?  You do not have to worry about your identity because you pay a company to worry about it for you.  Is this the best way though?  You have to pay monthly fees to these companies so that they will keep track of and protect your identity.
There are things that you can do on your own to help protect your identity.   Your bank most likely even offers free services to alert you to different things.  That way it is easier for you to keep track of whether it was something you did, or if it was something someone else did.  For example, you can have your bank put out an alert for anytime your debit or credit card is used without the card being present.  This means that if a purchase is made online or over the phone, the bank alerts you.  Then you can tell if you made that purchase of if it seems as though someone has your card number and made the purchase with your card.
Another thing that you can do to protect your identity is to check your credit score every year.  Look it over carefully to find any error or problems.  You can check your credit report for free every year.  It does not take much time to go through and look for errors or problems.  This is a simple step that can really help you when monitoring your identity.
Every time you get a bill for medical expenses look closely at it.  Too often we get a medical bill and pay it without going over it.  This is not a good idea.  Look it over for charges that you do not remember having been seen for.  If you find something that does not seem right, call your insurance company right away.  They will be able to go over it all with you and help determine if you were seen by a doctor that day for that charge or if someone else used your identity to be seen.  The insurance company will help work out what is going on.
One very simple thing we can do to protect our identity is to shred things.  If you get anything in the mail that has any personal information on it such as bank numbers, social security numbers, card numbers, etc.,  just shred it.  If you do not shred it and you put it in the garbage, anyone can come around and look through your garbage and get that information.
There are many things that one can do to protect their identity.  It is very important to do these things, and make them a habit in your everyday life.  Identity theft is a very scary thing, and getting your life back after someone has stolen your identity can take a very long time.  It may not be possible to catch every threat to your identity, but if you do nothing to try to catch any threat, then it will be much easier for someone to steal your identity and have it for a while before you even notice.

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