Cut Your Food Bill

Food can be expensive.  With the current drought in our country it is only going to get more expensive.  The crops are not doing well and as a result we will see the price of almost every product to go up in price.
One thing that you could do is to cook a lot.  Make enough that you can have left overs the next day or can be frozen.  If you are only trying to make enough for one meal often times more than what can be ate in one meal, but not enough to save.  This leaves us to throw out money by throwing out food.  By making enough food to freeze or have for a meal the next day, you cut down on the amount that would be thrown away and will save you money.
Get rid of your takeout menus.  They are tempting on nights where you are tired and do not want to cook.  Keep something in mind though; it is cheaper to have a premade meal that you just have to put into the oven, than it is to order takeout or to go out to dinner. 
Take some time on the weekend to get some meals together.  Make things such as meat loaf and side dishes just do not bake them.  Once you make them up then you can freeze them, the day before you would like to make them you can take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge. 
You can brown a lot of ground beef at one time then freeze it in portions.  This would be useful to add to any meals.  This also helps to save time when cooking.  The more time that is saved during cooking the less likely you are to try to find a takeout menu.  You can even cut up vegetables to mix with the meat that you freeze.
There are so many ways to save money on your food bill.  With the drought and the poor crop outlook it is certain that food prices will go up even more.  The more ways you find to save money on food the more you can save for other things.

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