Cut the Cost of Pet Ownership

Most Americans have a pet of some sort. The cost of owning these pets can be rather expensive. When you add together any and all vet trips and treatments, medications, food, treats, and holiday expenses the average person will spend over twelve hundred dollars every year on our pooches.

First of all if you do not have a dog but are looking to get one, do not buy an extremely expensive dog. There really is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a dog. For most of us our local shelter will have one that we will love. If you are looking to own a specific breed you can check with breed specific rescues. There are many all over the country. If you already have a dog that you paid a lot for, keep this in mind for next time.

When shopping for food you do not need to buy the most expensive food you can find. You do want a quality food with real meat as the main ingredient, but it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read labels, you may find that the really expensive dog food is pretty much the same thing as one that is more reasonable in price. Not sure what to look for when reading labels? Go talk to your vet about what brands they recommend, and what they think would be best for your dog.

Make sure to give your pet preventative care. Many people do not think that it is a big deal to make sure that their pet is vaccinated or has monthly flea and heartworm prevention. Did you know that on average the cost to keep your dog on year round monthly heartworm prevention is about the same price as treating them for heartworms once? Did you know there is no cure for feline heartworms? This is why monthly prevention is important. In the long run you will save money by making sure you give your pet preventative care.

You should consider getting pet insurance. Accidents happen; you never know when your pet will have an emergency. An emergency for a pet can really add up in costs, which will vary depending on what the emergency is and when it happens. If you end up taking your pet to an emergency vet clinic it will be significantly more expensive than going to your normal vet.

Grooming is an expensive thing that is necessary for most breeds. Try buying a book on grooming or looking on the internet for tips. Then you can do most of the grooming yourself. This is a great way to make sure that your pet gets the grooming that it needs and do it with love.

There are many ways that anyone can cut the cost of owning a pet while still providing the pet with the things that it needs. Make smart choices and do research before you purchase anything. Not everything you buy needs to be the most expensive. Often there is something that is just as good for less money.

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