Couponing Don’ts

Couponing Don’tsThere are people out there who do not realize that when it comes to couponing, there are some things that you just should not do. What is even worse is that while some people realize that it is wrong to do these things, they do not realize that it is also illegal. Here are the couponing don’ts so you know what not to do.

It may seem obvious, but it is illegal to make your own coupons. This does not stop people from doing it every year though. Counterfeiting coupons is a serious crime, just as serious as counterfeiting money. If you think you may have spotted a fake coupon but are unsure, you can check the Coupon Information Cooperation’s list of counterfeit coupons.

Many people do not realize that photocopying a coupon is illegal. Why you may ask? It is because photocopying a coupon is considered another form of counterfeiting coupons. When a store accepts a fake coupon they are counting on being reimbursed. When they do not get reimbursed they lose a lot of money. This is like stealing from that company.

It is illegal to steal someone else’s newspaper. This may seem funny to some. Some of you may have seen someone do this whether on T.V. or in real life. The fact of the matter is, taking someone’s newspaper is stealing, and stealing is illegal. You should think twice, or more, before doing this.

The next don’t is not in itself illegal but it can be linked to illegal activity and can end up involving you in illegal activity. It is real risky business to buy coupons. It is not illegal, but since you did not clip those coupons yourself, you cannot say for sure that they are not illegal. If they are and you use them, you could be in trouble yourself. So if you want to buy coupons, you must be extra careful.

Some people will actually climb into a dumpster to look for discarded coupons. This may be a great idea to some, while others find it extreme. It does not matter the position that you take on it, there is some information you should know. If you get into a dumpster on private property and get caught, you can be arrested for trespassing. You must ask yourself, is going to jail over a few potential coupons worth it?

Being a couponer is about saving money, not going to jail. Avoid these things and you will not have to worry about it. We all want to save money, being dishonest can cause the next shopper to lose out on a coupon. Being a couponer is not about being unethical it is about getting a good deal and saving money.

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