Could The Next Generation Of Technology Be Ran By Your Thoughts?

Could The Next Generation Of Technology Be Ran By Your ThoughtsTechnology moves fast. This is something that we all know and can agree with. It can often be difficult to keep up with the latest technology and gadgets and what they can do. Learning how to work them when we get them is a whole other story. Now researchers are working on technology that can be run, with your thoughts.

When you think back on technology and how it has changed over the decades what do you think about? I think about going from large bulky monitors to slim, sleek, flat screens, from having a mouse with a cord to a wireless mouse. I think about those large and really heavy laptops to the super lightweight ones that are out now. I think about the tablets and ereaders that are out on the market, and I think about how we no longer need a mouse to run our computers and laptops for they are like ereaders and tablets and are now touch screens. But, can you imagine not even needing to touch the screen of your tablet to use it, being able to control it with just your thoughts?

Samsung has teamed up with a professor at the University of Texas to try and make that technology happen. In the past to do something like this would require sticking electrodes to someone’s head, which does not seem like something that would be practical for the average person. Samsung and the professor at the University of Texas have gone from the sticky electrodes of the past to a more user-friendly EEG headset.

This technology is reported as being researched by Samsung to be used with a tablet. This headset would allow the average consumer to use their tablet with their mind instead of their hands. This is truly a breakthrough in technology, something not everyone has thought possible or even thought of.

This is all part of Samsung’s determination to find new ways for the consumer to interact with their mobile devices. This is all very exciting, and those who have heard the news cannot wait to see it in action. Do not get too over anxious waiting on it though, they say it will not be finished any time soon.

They are expecting more funding for the research and project in 2014, which shows us that it could be quite some time before we see this technology in stores. While it is going to be a long time before we get to try this new and exciting technology, it may be just a glimpse of what could come in the following decades. Once these mind controlled tablets come out, the question will be what will they come out with next?


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