Computer Program Teaches Teens about Finance

When it comes to teaching teens about subjects they currently have no interest in, you have to get creative.  There is a new computer program that has been released that has teens learning about the financial world.  This program acts like a video game to keep them interested, while teaching them the financial lessons they need to know.

Soon the teens in Illinois will be learning about various aspects of the financial world.  They will be able to learn about credit cards, mortgages, and even tax returns.  This is all done with a computer program that is designed to feel like a game so that it will hold the interest of the teen so they will be able to learn.

A foundation and a technology company have come together to fund this project.  This program will then be able to be sent to public schools throughout the state.  These companies have already launched the initiative at the Metea Valley High School located in Aurora.
 This computer program allows the student to learn at their own pace, it then gives them a quiz at the end of each module to make sure they are learning what they should be.  The program has elements from gaming, animation, and even social media to make this one of the best ways for teens to learn about finances.
 Many educators are rather excited about this program.  They realize how difficult it can be to teach a teen, especially when they are not interested in the subject.  This makes learning more fun so that they will pay attention and what they learn can stick with them.  Many teachers feel that teaching the students today about finances for their tomorrow, is the best way to keep the economy moving forward.
After this spreads around the state of Illinois, maybe more of the country will be able to benefit from this computer program.  If this is truly successful one must wonder what will be next.  If we have found a way to teach teenagers the things that they need to know for their future, then what will the next computer program teach?  Is this the future of learning for our children? It seems to teach them well, and the lessons they are learning are actually sticking with them.
The future of this computer program could be an interesting one.  What will happen next in the world of finances?  The more we are able to teach our children now about finances the better their financial future will be.

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