Beat Stress for Less

Everyone has to deal with stress in their life, and they also have their own way of dealing with it.  Some people have ways of dealing with stress that costs money, going to the spa, shopping and so on.  There are ways to beat stress and relax a bit for less.
Have a picnic on a nice day.  Whether it is your lunch hour at work or a nice day on a weekend, a picnic can be a nice way to relax and get some fresh air.  Go to a park and sit under a tree for shade.  It can be quite and relaxing for anyone who has daily stress. 
If you want to go out and have some fun but do not want to have to pay a lot for entertainment there are ways you can accomplish this.  Open mike nights and poetry readings can be a lot of fun, sometimes you might have to pay a small cover charge to get in, but still it is inexpensive entertainment. 
Check into what local colleges have going on.  Often times they have lectures and art shows and even concerts that can be a lot of fun.  There are even some of these events that do not have a fee to get in.  This is a good choice; you can get more culture for free.
Go to the nearest dollar store to you.  Look around, you can find items that are not expensive that still can provide hours of entertainment.  Things such as kites, Frisbees, squirt guns and so on can be found at a dollar store.  Get your friends together and have a day of it.  Have everyone go to the dollar store together and pick out one time that they would enjoy.  Have everyone purchase their item, then go to a park, spend an hour or so with everyone’s item. 
Watch for daily deals.  You can get a message at a great price.  Some message professionals will even do shorter messages for less money.  A message is a great way to relieve stress.  Look around at different places that offer messages for the best deal that you can get.
Host a game night for you and your friends.  Have everyone bring their favorite game from home and take turns playing everyone’s favorite game.  This does not cost any money other than food and drinks for the night.  It can be great fun and a huge stress reliever.
Everyone has stress that they would like to get rid of.  Plenty of ways are out there to relieve stress and relax without spending much money, and in some cases even free. Be creative and you will find many more ways in which you can beat stress for less.

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