Bank of America and Mobile Banking

Bank of America is one of the largest banking chains in the country. They serve millions of people with their branches across the country. Now, not only are they serving millions of people in their various branches, but now they have reached 10 million mobile banking customers!
This is a huge number, but should we really be surprised at how large the amount is?Technology has become a large part of most American’s everyday life. We depend on it more and more for various tasks. We are also almost always on the go. Having mobile banking makes things much easier for the customers.
There are many things that one can do with Bank of America’s mobile banking. One can check their balance and view their transaction history to see if a check cleared or an amount had been moved in or out of their account. This can help keep people from overdraft fees, they can check their balance right there in the store to see if they have enough money in their account to buy a particular item or items that they may be interested in.
Another thing that Bank of America’s customers can do with their mobile banking is transfer funds from one account to another. If we continue with the previous example, if one checks their balance in the store and find that they do not have enough in their checking account, they can transfer money from their savings account to their checking account.
Paying bills is another feature that can be done with this mobile banking. This can make it much easier for many. Instead of writing a check and waiting for the check to be deposited and withdrawn from their account, one can pay their bill online and have the amount instantly be withdrawn. This can help save people from forgetting that they sent out a check and that they cannot spend the same amount as if they had not sent the check, after all the money needs to be there for the check to clear not bounce.
One really interesting and helpful feature that Bank of America’s mobile banking offers is, finding a near buy ATM. This can help you find an ATM that you can withdraw money from without having to pay a fee. It looks for Bank of America’s and no fee ATMs.
Some may worry that this mobile banking is a bad idea, they fear that account information may be easier for others to obtain. This is not necessarily true. However, if it does happen, Bank of America will not hold their customers liable for any use of their account that is fraudulent. However, they do have to report the fraudulent activity within 60 days.
This mobile banking is available on almost any smart phone. Examples include the Android and Blackberry. However the mobile banking is not limited to smart phones.Tablets, ipads, and even the Kindle Fire are capable of supporting the mobile banking.This makes it accessible for just about everyone!
Bank of America has reported that they are adding around 43,000 new active mobile customers every week. They saw a growth of around three million new mobile customers since the same time next year. It is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.This has made banking much easier for many people, and so it seems it will not end anytime soon.

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