Month: November 2013

Tips for Everyone to Save Money

We all know that saving money is in vogue right now, and why wouldn’t it be?  When the economy took a downturn in 2008 it left many wondering what to do.  It hurt the finances of many Americans all across this country, which left many looking for various ways to save money.  Here are some more ways that […]

Dealing With Credit Card Debt

More and more Americans are starting to get their credit card debt under control. They are learning from the past and are paying their bills on time, and catching up on what they owe.  However, not everyone is able to do that.  There is still a lot of unemployment and underemployment in this country that leave many struggling […]

Don’t Hate On Payday Loans

Not every state allows storefront payday lenders, or online lenders for that matter. There are a lot of states that do though. There are people who think payday loans are a good thing, and there are people who think they are bad. No one should hate on payday loans though as they help people all […]

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