Month: May 2013

Consumer’s Top Financial Concerns

Everyone has their own unique financial situation. They also have their own unique financial concerns. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has found that Americans have several financial concerns in common. Here are the top financial concerns of the American consumer. In this economy job loss is a big concern for many Americans. There seems […]

Job Forecast Looks Bleak for the Class Of 2013

  When most students graduate college they expect they will be able to get a decent job and work on building up their career.  This is how things have worked for generations.  For the class of 2013 things may be different.  The job market does not look so good, and it seems as though they may […]

Save Money on Your Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year again where we get our spring cleaning done. You do not have to go overboard spending money on spring cleaning products. You can save money on the products you use to clean your home. It can be overwhelming knowing what type of product to use where. We are constantly […]

Make Money While Spring Cleaning

It is the time of year that most people dread, spring cleaning time. It is the time of year we not only go through the house cleaning everything, but we go through the house cleaning out everything. We get rid of the things we no longer want and no longer use. You can make money […]

Learn To Be Frugal

You have probably heard the term frugal before.  Do you know what it means?  To be frugal is to not spend money you do not need to spend.  This is something that everyone can do.  Many do not know how, but everyone can learn. To live frugally you will have to retrain your brain.  We […]

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