Month: March 2013

Create Your Own Retirement Plan

Having a retirement plan is important. Many people who do not already have one simple do not know where to start. Here are some tips to help those who have not yet started creating their own retirement plan to get started on their way to having a great retirement plan in place. The first thing […]

Payday Loan Newcomers

Payday loans can be a valuable asset to those in need of money in a hurry, to cover unexpected financial situations. For those who are new to the concept of payday lending, there are several things you need to know about the loan process. First of all, newcomers may not be allowed to borrow as […]

Payday Lenders or Credit Unions

Many, when they find themselves in need of quick cash, turn to payday lenders. Now there is another alternative. Some credit unions are now offering loans of this type and yet the borrower isn’t required to pay the high fees associated with direct payday loans. Payday loans have helped many through financial difficult times, but […]

Money Tips for New Parents

Having a baby is a wonderful thing, there is so much joy in a home when a new baby is brought in, and then the parents realize how expensive it is. One thing that many new parents are not prepared for is the cost of raising a child. That cost is going up every year […]

The Next Generation of ATMs

At times you love them, others you hate them, but no matter what ATMs are a part of life. They bring convenience and frustration to our lives. Some have fees, some will only give you twenty dollar bills, but they are everywhere. There is a new generation of ATM coming out that is making the […]

Some Personal Finance Terms

Knowing personal finance terms are an important piece of information to have. If you do not know the terms how do you 4785.-plan to navigate the personal finance world? You have heard the saying knowledge is power and you know it is true. Here are some personal finance terms to help you understand and navigate […]

Payday Loan Advantages

When it comes to payday loans there are a lot of people out there who have never used a payday loan before yet think they know all there is to know about them. Sure they may think that they do, but often they do not know the whole story. Here are the advantages of payday […]

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