Month: January 2013

Investment Terms that Everyone Needs to Know

When it comes to investment there is a language all its own. Not everyone knows this investment language which makes navigating the investment world much more difficult. Here are terms that everyone should know, as they will help you when you are trying to invest. How long your money will stay invested is called a […]

Debt Settlement

If you have debt that just continues to add up and you are unable to pay it off what do you do? There are many people who do not know what to do. Many feel that turning to a debt settlement company is their last or maybe just their best option. With the economy in […]

Negotiate a Debt Settlement

If you have ever had bills that you had trouble paying, then you know how overwhelming it can be. If you have enough of these bills then you may feel that you are in over your head with no way out. You can negotiate a debt settlement though, you may need help, but it is […]

Coupon Use on the Rise

If you were told that coupon use has been on the rise in the past several years would it surprise you? Most likely it does not. More and more retailers and manufacturers are offering coupons in new ways to get and keep customers coming back. So what is contributing to the rise in coupon use? […]

What You Need To Know About Bankruptcy

Not everyone who is thinking about filing for bankruptcy knows all that they need to know about it. There are different types of bankruptcy that you can file and there are more options than just that. Here is some information for anyone who is thinking of filing bankruptcy so they can go in with more […]

The Basics of Bankruptcy Counseling

In 2005 bankruptcy counseling became a requirement for individuals filing for bankruptcy. If you were unaware of this, then you better prepare yourself. The idea behind this is to have everyone go through credit counseling before they can even file for bankruptcy. When it comes to bankruptcy counseling there are two kinds. The first is […]

Common Questions about One Hour Payday Loans

Not everyone completely understands the process of a payday loan. Those who have never got one before tend to have questions when it comes to these loans. Here are some common questions that people have when it comes to payday loans, and some answers to help you understand payday loans a little bit more. There […]

Computer Program Teaches Teens about Finance

When it comes to teaching teens about subjects they currently have no interest in, you have to get creative.  There is a new computer program that has been released that has teens learning about the financial world.  This program acts like a video game to keep them interested, while teaching them the financial lessons they need to […]

Bad Money Moves

We all know there are certain things that we can do with our money that will be good for us and our money. Unfortunately there are also some things you can do with your money that are bad for both you and your money. Knowing what these are can help you to avoid them. One […]

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