Month: October 2012

To Share or Not to Share?

Credit cards are common place these days. People get them for many reasons. The newest trend with credit cards is to get additional cards with authorized users. That’s when the question becomes; to share or not to share?   More and more people are “sharing”there credit card with someone by having them as an authorized user. So who is […]

Student Credit Cards

This is the time of year that many high school graduates are preparing to leave home.They need to decide what to take, what to leave, and how to survive on their own. This can leave many parents, and those students not to overcome with excitement, to worry.   What happens if the student goes to another […]

Store Credit Cards

Some people will only carry a bank credit card. After all they can be used anywhere. Many people feel they are better than store credit cards in many ways. However, there is something that these people have failed to take into account.   Bank credit cards are nice, but you have to wait for a monthly statement to […]

The Recent Ups and Downs of Credit Cards

Much has been happing in the world of credit cards lately. Availability and lending have been on the rise, while the balance for these cards has gone down. This makes things look good for the credit card industry.   In January 2009 the balance for the nation was over $730 billon; however in April 2012 the balance […]

Bank of America and Mobile Banking

Bank of America is one of the largest banking chains in the country. They serve millions of people with their branches across the country. Now, not only are they serving millions of people in their various branches, but now they have reached 10 million mobile banking customers! This is a huge number, but should we really be […]

To Use or Not to Use Credit Repair Companies

When thinking about repairing one’s credit, most will think about a credit repair company.But did you know that it is possible to do what those companies do on your own? This can often be accomplished with less money too.   So how do you know if you should work with a credit repair company or do […]

The Unbankable

The unbankable, a term most do not think about. For others however, it is a term that follows them wherever they go. It can be very difficult to shake the unbankable label. What does it mean to be unbankable? Some do not know, to others however this is a reality they live every day. Someone is considered unbankable if […]

Watch out for Credit Repair Scams

Some people have bad credit that is just the way it is. There are some things that one can do to try to repair that bad credit. There are even some companies that are there solely to help one repair their credit. However, one must watch out for credit repair scams. Believe it or not there are companies out […]

Tips to Become Financially Fit

Want to become financially fit?  There are a few things that you can do to make it happen for you.  Some may be harder for you than others, but all are worth trying. The first thing you should do is pay yourself.  This may sound strange, pay yourself?  You have bills, what does this mean?  This means that when you […]

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