Month: September 2012

Geographical Payday Loan Usage

If you look at a map of the United States to see where payday loans are the most common you will see that most geographical regions are fairly close.  There is one region that is slightly lower than the rest. According to the Pew Sage Small-Dollar Loans Research Project, 2012 the Midwest uses payday loans the […]

Automatic Savings Plans

Automatic savings plans are something that most people have heard about, however not many of them have thought much about them.  They are something that should be thought about thought.  Not only should they think about these savings plan but they should use them. Automatic savings plans allow you to save money without thinking about it.  It is […]

A New Type of Credit Score

There is new hope where credit scores are concerned.  There is a new type of credit score out there now that brings hope to more because it is different than the traditional credit score and takes different things into consideration.  If you are even slightly considering getting a loan this is something that you should know about. […]

Tips to Not Pay Bank Fees

Bank fees are inevitable, so they seem.  There are ways to get around paying those fees.  Why pay for fees if you do not have to?  You need to save money not put money in the pockets of the bankers. One thing that you should do if you want to avoid fees is take a good look at […]

Do Not Spend Too Much When Back To School Shopping

Back to school shopping is certainly an experience.  Either the child is excited to go back to school and to get everything for school, or they do not want to go back and are unpleasant about it.  Either way it goes with the child you still have to pay for what they need to go back to […]

Cybercriminals Are Out For Small Businesses

Cybercriminals are a threat to everyone.  They are always looking for new ways to steal identities and taking advantage of those who have not fully protected themselves. There are many new ways for them to get what they want while online.  It seems that these days cybercriminals have turned their attention toward small businesses. These cybercriminals have found […]

Live Without Debt

No one wants to have debt; unfortunately for too many it is a reality.  It is so much easier to accumulate debt than to get rid of it.  There are ways to get rid of the debt that has been accumulated and to live without debt. It has been said by experts over and over again, if […]

Beat Stress for Less

Everyone has to deal with stress in their life, and they also have their own way of dealing with it.  Some people have ways of dealing with stress that costs money, going to the spa, shopping and so on.  There are ways to beat stress and relax a bit for less. Have a picnic on a nice […]

Cut Your Food Bill

Food can be expensive.  With the current drought in our country it is only going to get more expensive.  The crops are not doing well and as a result we will see the price of almost every product to go up in price. One thing that you could do is to cook a lot.  Make enough that you […]

Financial Tips

There are basics to personal finance that everyone seems to know.  Save money, make a budget, and so on.  We all know the basics of what she should do for personal finance; still we do not always do it.  There are things about personal finance that maybe you do not know.  Obviously savings is supposed to be priority […]

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